Save water and skip the flush

South Africa’s current water crisis has everyone scrambling to find ways to save water. One of the easiest places to start is in our own home.

Did you know that every time you flush the toilet, you use 7 to 9 litres of water?  That’s a lot!  Water from flushing the toilet is the single highest use of water in the home.

So if you don’t flush every time you go, you can make a difference and help save water.  The average person flushes the toilet approximately five times a day and by limiting this to one flush a day you could save up to 36 litres of water, per day!

But unfortunately there are risks to not flushing after every go – an increased chance of illness and spreading of infection often occurs due to mosquitos, flies and unhygienic conditions, especially in public areas.   So, how can we get down to saving water without putting ourselves and families at risk? Organico is a 100% environmentally friendly product that breaks down human waste, kills germs and leaves toilets smelling fresh, without having to flush every time.

Organico products are 100% organic and enzyme based. The enzymes occur freely in nature and will not harm the environment or affect the health of your family.

The enzymes act as the cleaners by digesting and liquifying organic waste, and urine in the toilet bowl and drainage system. They eliminate the foul odours caused by decay and urine in the toilet bowl. By doing so they eliminate the need to flush after every use, and when used correctly will help you save water on a daily basis. The enzyme-based cleansers can also be effective on mould and mildew.

Unlike chemically based cleaning products, “green” drain cleaners are safer for you and your family. They are safer for your plumbing system and the environment. Waste water may end up in lakes, rivers or streams.

Flushing chemically-based rain cleaner into the plumbing system may cause these chemicals to end up in the environment, affecting animal and plant life and upsetting the delicate balance in the eco-system.

Enzyme-based cleaners are biodegradable. They are pH neutral and will not damage surfaces. In addition to the immediate action, the enzymes break down organic material that can lead to build-up in the drain over time, therefore preventing clogging of the plumbing system.